The Silver Program We Promote
And Get Silver For Pennies On The Dollar

We have been getting emails asking about the silver program we are involved in at junior and penny mining so we decided to build a short web page here to explain the whole thing.

Firstly it is coins that we are dealing in and secondly it is NOT the Liberty Dollars. These are US minted American Eagle coins. They are New and UNCIRCULATED 99.9% Pure Silver coins.

What we are promoting is a way for the average person to own silver by purchasing 1-2 coins per month. These coins are shipped to you each month. This is real silver, hold it in your hand silver, put it in your pocket silver and show it to your friends silver. It's the real deal. The program is called Silver Snowball. The owner of the program is Ed Freeman. It's a real program run by a real person and he will talk to you on the telephone. When you fill out the form at the bottom of the page, be sure to leave your number. Ed will call you.

Why are we promoting this.
Firstly anyone who watches the mining & metals market, plus the stock market would have to admit that gold and silver are going to continue their upward trend. If you are bullish on mining stocks then you would have to be bullish on the metals themselves.
Secondly most people who watch the mining stock sector like us have a bit of gold bug in them. We not only want to own a bit of a mining company with shares but we want a bit of the metal as well.
Thirdly it is just another way to "Inflation Proof" your money. We use the example of the 25 cent loaf of bread.

A Loaf Of Bread For 25 Cents. Yesterday And Today.

Take 2 quarters. One was minted in 1964 and is made out of silver. The other, minted in 1965, looks like the 1964 quarter but it is made from copper and nickel (It has no silver).

To illustrate the difference between the buying power of these two coins:
In 1964, a loaf of whole wheat bread cost .25 cents. The 1964 silver quarter today still buys a loaf of whole wheat bread. However it takes 10 or more of the 1965 quarters to buy the same loaf. Why is this? The 1964 quarter is worth $2.50 for its silver. The 1965 quarter is worth .25 cents because its value is determined by government policy. The price of silver in the 1964 quarter reflects the free market value and lost purchasing power of the dollar.

Bread prices haven't really gone up at all over the past 40 years. They just "seem" to have gone up because the value of our money has gone down. And thatÂ’s how it is for virtually everything we buy.

What makes this program so special

There are a lot of places on the net that allow you to buy gold and silver. You can buy gold by the gram at Bullion Vault and Kitco. They have a buy price and a sell price. They will hold your gold or silver for a monthly fee. If you wish to take possession of your metals then there are handling and shipping charges. In most cases you would need to have at least 100 ounces in silver. We ship out as little as 1 ounce to you.

What makes this program real special is that you can get free silver every month - potentially a lot of it. Let's say you are getting a coin each month and you tell a co-worker about it and they join our coin-of-the-month program. Then maybe your trading buddy decides he would like to get silver and he also becomes a member. For every 2 coins your members get we send you out a free coin with your next shipment. And many people start with 2 or 3 coins a month. With 10 coins a month being purchased by your members you get 5 bonus coins. With 100 and get 50. And that's every month! Although members can stop anytime they like, hardly anyone does because people love getting these large beautiful one ounce .999 fine silver American Eagle Silver Dollar coins in the mail! That's what sets this program apart from any others. This is a legitimate program that we are promoting. When silver hits $100 oz. like some are predicting, personally I would like to have lots of silver at that time. This is not a get rich scheme. It is just an affordable way to accumulate some silver

How to find out more.
Below is quick fill form. Fill in your name, email and phone number. Ed Freeman who runs the program will send you an introduction email. The reason we take your phone number is because Ed will call you and discuss the program and answer any questions you may have. Real people, selling real silver. It doesn't get any better. Ed sends out an update email each week to all members also. If you wish to promote the program to take advantage of the bonus silver, Ed will supply you a website, send out emails, do all the handling and shipping, staying in touch with contacts etc. It's a hands free way for members to make a bit extra each month and still be invested in metals. If you are on a budget and still want to get invested in silver, this is the simplest and most affordable way to go.



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